Healing Heart Couseling offers a variety of services.   Each service is designed to meet the needs of people who want to grow and flourish.   These services are aimed at transforming the heart at the core.   When the heart changes, healthy choices and actions follow.

  1. Individual Therapy
  2. Marriage Therapy
  3. Family Therapy
  4. Group Therapy
  5. Seminars



Individual Therapy

Individual counseling is for a person who wants to explore his or her own healing.  Everyone benefits by searching his or her soul for wounds of the heart, for we all have been wounded, and we all need healing.  When a person seeks individual healing, all of his of her relationships benefit.



Marriage Therapy

Couple's counseling addresses the dynamics between two people in an intimate relationship.  Communication is the most common area where couple's struggle, leading to a breakdown in understanding and trust.  Fear of intimacy is also common among couple's in committed relationships.

Couple's counseling can be done in the traditional manner of one therapist working with a couple.  Our office also offers joint counseling, where the husband works with a male therapist, the wife works with a female therapist, and couple's counseling is done with a team of both therapists.  This method has proven to be very effective in helping couple's grow in understanding, communication, and intimacy.



Family Therapy

Sometimes there is strife within the family system, and the best manner to resolve the struggle is to work with the family as a whole, or specific family members that are in conflict.



Group Therapy

Men's groups are designed specifically to foster an environment where men learn to interact with each other, and offer each other feedback in a way that helps each man see how he relates to others.  In turn, this helps each man realize his relational style and the games and manipulations that he plays, so that he can choose new ways to express himself that is more true to his heart.




Many seminars have been presented thus far -- topics like anger, communication, marriage and divorce, grief, redemptive suffering, and love.

Healing Heart Counseling also offers seminars upon request, taking cues from the needs of the community to create new seminars that respond to current interests.  Please contact Healing Heart Counseling to request a seminar customized for your specific needs.



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