Thad FaceThad Early is the founder and president of Healing Heart Couseling.  He is the primary therapist, as well as the administrator for Healing Heart Counseling.  He has long since dreamed of helping people learn to see the blindspots that plague their lives, just as he has learned to see his past blindness.  His dream is now realized through the private practice of Healing Heart Counseling.  The reward for helping others find freedom through Truth is worth all his effort.  He considers it a a great honor to walk along side people in their journey in order to discover their true identities, and in turn, become more able to love and connect in lasting, meaningful, and intimate relationships.


Thad WhistlerThad focuses on the truth within the hearts of others.  He listens well to understand the isolated world of the pained and troubled.  Engaging in an authentic and direct way, he guides others to find their unique story -- inviting them to come alive within their hopes and dreams.

Seeking to discover the root beneath the symptoms, Thad draws to the surface the fear, anger, or guilt that blocks the passions of the heart.  Once revealed, he invites a person into an alternate view, away from the trap of shaming lies or beliefs formed in childhood that no longer fit adulthood.  Thad is gifted in spotting God's Glory in the core of the heart, and calling it out.

Perceptions associated with painful experiences and broken trusts lead to wounds, resentments, and bitterness.  Hurt people build walls around their heart, keeping out danger while building a prison.  Thad offers a key of hope.

Freedom is within reach!  Thad sees therapy as a process opening the human will to change, allowing the Spirit of God to coax healing in the heart.  In what seems like a frozen or dark situation. . . Thad stays focused on the Light.


Thad's journey to freedom, preceded by years of pain and struggle, is a story like many others.  He was raised in an envirnment of family secrets and abandonment.  Without guidance, he relied on his own way, rebelling against rigid family and social rules.  Fear of abandonment kept him from entering vulnerable relationships.  He was unwilling to trust others.

He became an engineer to have all the right answers and be better than others -- builing false significance for his life.  Thad was the king of his kingdom -- until the bottom fell out of his world.

Humbled by failed relationships and divorce, Thad asked for help.  He sought counseling and a relationship with God, which launched a whole new journey.

Thad earned a Master of Arts at the Adler Graduate School.  He learned to integrate Psychology with God's Word when he interned with Paul Singh.  Thad began to see through other's eyes and learned empathy and compassion -- he learned how to love others and also himself.  He started a private practice in 1998, and now shares his gifts with others through Healing Heart Counseling.

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