Healing Heart Couseling explores the mysteries of the Heart.  Too often we focus on what we can learn in our head.  Transformation occurs in the Heart! -- the center of our innermost being.  Whatsoever is found in our heart, so shall our actions follow.  Counseling often focuses primarily on behavior (actions), and does not find the root of the behavior.  We believe that actions are merely symptoms of deeper wounds of the heart, and are wholly committed to uncovering the innrmost areas of the heart that are the cause of the behaviors.  In this way, the root of the struggle can be cleared, and new actions follow.




To bring Truth to those living in the lies of this world, to invite their broken hearts to heal, to promote Intimacy through Honesty in relationships with self, God, and others, and to proclaim Freedom to all who are bound in the mire of hopeless disbelief.



The heart contains wounds that drive us to react in destructive ways.  The head rationalizes and justifies, pretending we are in control, denying that we are wounded.  Healing comes from being honest with our pains and fears, and being willing to face them until thay are transformed.

Healing in hearts begins by accepting that we are dependent upon God and others.  To grow, we must face the insecurities and failures that haunt our past.  Freedom from suffering comes as we accept our human condition and find peace in God alone.




Transformation is the result of being in relationship with those who see and believe in the best part of you – ultimately our Friend and Savior Jesus.  True change only happens through relationship.  No one can act good to become different, for transformation is a matter of the heart.  Lasting change happens when we allow God’s Truth to wash over us, teaching us a new way to see and experience life in us and around us.

Behavior is the result of the meaning that we attach to people and events.  We respond by how we let our worldview determine how we respond.  Reacting is opposite of being proactive.  Awareness of our worldview helps us see different choices that we can make.

Most people understand when they are angry, but few understand what lies beneath the surface of their anger – such as sadness, loneliness, and emptiness.  We are justified and entitled by the hurt that we feel.  The walls we build keep everyone out.  We perform like actors in a play to pretend we are acceptable, yet struggle with insecurity.  We attempt to get our value from people through performance, and wonder why we wrestle with anxiety.   We fear being found out for the imposters that we know that we are.   We tap dance as fast as we can, only scratching the surface, wondering why we stay stuck in the same rut.

Counseling with direct honesty about the lies we believe opens a path to Hope and Freedom in Christ Jesus.  If you are tired of the same old rut, do yourself a favor, and reach out for help and healing that your Heart longs to receive.



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